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In force since 15 October 2009, Law no. 109/2009 (Cybercrime Law), transposes into domestic law the Framework Decision 2005/222/JHA of the Council of 24 February on attacks against information systems and introduces under domestic law the rules and principles from the Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe (Budapest Convention).

According to the judicial perspective, the procedural aspect of this law deserves increased attention, since its scope goes much beyond the so-called computer crime. Article 11 states that the procedural provisions of Cybercrime Law are applicable to the investigation of many other crimes: this includes all the crimes that were committed by means of a computer system or even of all those for whom it is necessary to collect evidence in electronic form - with the exception of interception of communications and under covered actions (Articles 18 and 19).

Thus, although inserted in a special law, the procedural rules of the Cybercrime Law are therefore applicable to a large number of inquiries and potentially, they can be used in concrete cases by any prosecutor in the country with functions in the criminal area.

This enormous latitude, in a new area - and difficult to understand to lawyers -, increased the need to deepen and consolidate the legal understanding about the issues raised by the law.


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The Prosecutor General’s Office announced an action plan on “Crimes Against Children on the Internet”. See more here.

The Prosecutor General’s Office released the booklet “You and the Internet –(ab)use, crime and complaint”, including draws by pupils from some basic and secondary schools, from Lisbon.
The booklet is freely available here.

Practical note on obtaining the IP Adress, within criminal investigations. See here

By order of His Excellency the Prosecutor General of 7 December 2011, it was created the Cybercrime Office, a structure directly dependent from the Prosecutor General's Office, in order to coordinate the activity of prosecutors on issues related to cybercrime.


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